Just Some Thoughts: Vol. 10

Don’t worry, the window is only open that wide when I’m with him.

King of the Castle
I’ve been looking to adopt a dog for at least a year, but lo and behold, a kitten came into the picture. About three weeks ago, my bff texted me early in the morning on a Tuesday and asked if I could help her capture a kitten that had been meowing all night from a parking lot next to her place. She had almost caught him on her own, but he was a slippery little dude, and was able to get away from her. I grumpily went over after work to see if we could capture the kitten together.

After about 10 minutes of poking a bush with a broomstick, we heard a teeny meow from somewhere inside. This wasn’t a bush that could be easily accessed because it was very dense, with twisted branches that were pretty unmovable. The little meow stopped, and we almost gave up, until we heard it from a different area. I started poking the bush again, while my friend was by an opening waiting for the kitten to come out. Then, BAM, this tiny little kitten darted out from the bush and started running down the driveway towards a busy street.

My friend started chasing him. I was able to run past her, and as I did, I yelled at her to throw me the towel she had brought with her. The image of the two of us hauling ass, trying to save this kitten, while covered in leaves from the bush makes me laugh every time I think about it. The kitten started trying to climb the vines on a wall, but he was too weak and uncoordinated to do so, so I was able to throw the towel over him and wrap him up quickly. My friend guessed that he was about three weeks old, but she wasn’t sure. She kept him for a week, but couldn’t keep him. I thought about taking him all week long, but was unsure if I wanted to.

When the day came where she needed to figure out what to do with him, I decided to adopt him because it seemed meant to be. I named him Forrest because he ran like a bat out of hell, and he was found in a bush. I took him to the vet a week later, and she said that he was only four weeks old, which is younger than we had guessed. I have to say, he’s a sweet little kitten, but because he’s so young, it’s been a lot of work. I’ve been having to come home at lunch to feed him, which means that I can’t eat lunch. Some days I’m lucky and my bff will fill in for me, or my mom will come help when I have a lunch meeting I can’t get out of, but I’m definitely on the go with him. Not only that, but he’s had some minor health issues that I’m still trying to get worked out with the vet, which isn’t surprising because he’s a stray. I’m sure he’ll get better; I have high hopes for little Forrest and his survival. So, I guess I’m a cat mom now.

I’m a Glutton for Punishment
Time flies when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. This statement is partially true. Last school year I informed the administration that I was going to step down as the advisor for the yearbook. I found a replacement, created an entire roadmap, as well as provided countless resources, and waved bye bye to that position at the end of May. I told a work friend of mine that I wanted to step down so I could take a step back from added responsibilities. Then, like a moron, I told my department chair that I would be part of a committee as my department’s representative. After that, I told one of my administrators that I would be the AP Coordinator for this year. I’m also a union representative, which is usually not too much of a commitment, but it feels like there are more demands this year for that position. Aye aye aye, what the hell is wrong with me?! I’m starting to regret adding on these extra tasks. It’s possible for me to step down from at least one of these positions, and I’m seriously considering it, but I’m going to try and stick it out until the end of this school year.



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